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"We MUST face our problems and our feelings." - pg. 15 Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text

Normal Heights Sober Living Testimonials

I moved into Normal Heights Sober Living just over three months ago. I visited two other sober livings and I didn't even have to think about it - I knew this was the right one for me. The comradery around here is uplifting and motivating. The standards we have to meet regularly are more than any other sober living that I checked out. Everyone has to attend recovery based meetings multiple times a week, have a sponsor and work the steps applicable to your addiction. Just by following these standards I find myself more motivated and having a much more positive attitude then ever before. I was asked to step up and help out as the senior resident and that made me actually feel wanted and useful for the first time in a long time. The people you'll meet here are genuine friends and truly want whats best for you.

I highly recommend this sober living for any male who needs structure, a support group, and a new look on life! If you are reading this then either you or someone you know is struggling so take the necessary steps and put a plan into motion - it's never too late.

- Adam from Maine


I was a resident of Normal Heights Sober Living for nine months, or so. I recommend the house very highly, and I want to explain why.

I've lived in many recovery facilities over the years as I've made efforts to put together a better life and a good recovery. By far, Normal Heights did more for me in this way than any other home.

The atmosphere of real support and constructive dialog was really amazing to me, all the way through my stay! This is a genuine sober living home that will enable real change to a willing resident. The management is well-balanced between support for the addict's process and the maintenance of high standards in the home, so that the facility is orderly, clean, and enjoyable. Shane and Jason are committed to the success of the residents, and it really shows.

Because of the solid support and friendship I experienced at the house, I was able to move forward personally, very steadily (for the most part!) and I made some big changes. Now I'm a successful alumni, living in my own apartment, working at a new job, and having a great time in life! I have also begun to sponsor a fellow addict, and all these changes were helped along by living in the home.

This is a great place to live in recovery. I still socialize with the guys, and I'll always be grateful for what happened for me while I was there. For my part, I was willing to participate and accept what was being offered to me, and I am quite serious about sobriety.

I cannot recommend the home highly enough!

- Bret Fisher

My story and experience with Normal Heights Sober Living began in February of 2012. When I was in detox from February 10th through the 21st, knowing that my brother knew me better than anyone else and is also a recovering alcoholic, I had him check out several sober livings for me to move into directly after being released. He had positive words to say about several sober livings in the area, but convinced me that Normal Heights Sober Living was the best fit for me based on the environment, structure and the demeanor of the residents and the manager.

After spending almost fourteen months here, I am definitely grateful for the recommendation from my brother. It is one of the cleanest and well-maintained sober livings I have ever seen. The manager and most importantly the owner have spent a large amount of time and money creating a modern and enjoyable environment, with new and high-end appliances such as wood floors, stainless steel kitchen equipment, flat screen televisions in every room, Netflix, PlayStation 3, a house computer with Wi-Fi throughout the entire property, Ping-Pong table, etc.

However, the material perks were only the tip of the iceberg. When I got out of detox, I knew that I needed a place centered on structure and accountability. That is exactly what is provided at Normal Heights Sober Living. Making your bed in the morning, cleaning up after yourself, keeping your room clean and organized, doing your choir every day, not isolating, working a program, fellowshipping, attending the Sunday house and coming home by 11pm curfew are most of the core responsibilities of the house. To some, this may seem like a lot, but in my opinion, this is the bare minimum one needs to do on a daily basis to achieve any kind of success in the program and in life.

The most important thing I love about this house is the family atmosphere. Normal Heights Sober Living isn’t just a passer-through place or a place to rest your head at night. It is a place to feel accepted and a place to work on you with the help of several other amazing addicts and alcoholics in recovery. Most of my closest friends either currently reside or have lived in this house. It has become a major part of my recovery and I am so very blessed to have the opportunity to live here. We are either out at meetings together or are running amuck at home or out and about. I could write a whole list of things we have done, still do or are planning on doing, but I’ll leave it up to you to experience and find out for yourself. All I can say, is there is a reason why after fourteen months clean, I still reside at Normal Heights Sober Living and have no intentions of leaving anytime soon.

Assistant Manager,

- Jason Tasch

What Makes Normal Heights Successful at Recovery?

  • Structured Program of Recovery

    Our sober living located in San Diego holds our residents to a higher standard and level of accountability. Our recovery program consist of daily scheduled 12 step meetings. Normal Heights sober living made a successful formula of sustainable recovery, which lasts when our residents are integrated back into the San Diego area.

  • Accredited Staff with Experience

    Normal Heights San Diego sober living has a 24/7 on site manager who has completed the education training on Sober Living Leadership Certification from the Sober Living Network. Our staff has also compeleted the Developing and Operating Sober Living Housing Certification.

  • San Diego Community Involvement

    Normal Heights sober living is committed to strengthening the San Diego community. Our residents are required to participate in service work to give back to the less fortunate of the San Diego area.

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