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Mission of San Diego Sober Living

Our mission at Normal Heights sober living located in San Diego is to transform the lives of men suffering from active addiction. Our sober living offers housing after treatment for both drug and alcohol dependency. Many of our residents have been to multiple treatment facilities and have struggled with addiction for years. Our experienced staff has battled drug addiction first hand and understands exactly what is necessary for continuous recovery. The backbone of Normal Heights sober living in San Diego is the 12 steps of AA or NA. The most important person to Normal Heights sober living is the addict or alcoholic who still suffers.

Normal Heights sober living of San Diego realizes the fight against drug addiction might be the largest obstacle our residents might face in their entire lives. Our staff is very knowledgeable on the disease of addiction and is passionate about recovery. Normal Heights sober living encourages our residents to keep an open mind and stay diligent in their recovery. Recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction requires discipline and perseverance. Normal Heights sober living promises our residents once they are embedded in our recovery community, they will no longer have to fight addiction alone.

What Makes Normal Heights Successful at Recovery?

We are here to Help

Normal Heights sober living of San Diego has a goal to help as many men who suffer from the disease of addiction as possible. Recovery is not possible without a strong support group who is trusted. Normal Heights sober living of San Diego understands the families associated with the addict are also negatively affected by the disease of addiction. We ask families to participate in each resident's own recovery by becoming more educated on this warning signs of addiction and alcoholism.

Failure is not an Option

  • 12 step recovery step studies
  • Recovery related fellowship gatherings
  • Community outreach involvement
  • Hospitals and institutions panels
  • Staff facilitated house meetings
  • Residents who form a brotherhood